Creating The Perfect Basement Screening Room For The Basketball Fan In Your House

When you live with a major basketball fan, the fall and winter seasons do not mean the same thing for you that it does for everyone else. While most people are thinking about holiday parties and Halloween costumes, your house is preparing for watching basketball, keeping track of rosters, and cheering for your loved one's favorite team (or teams). If you are looking to surprise the basketball fan in your household with an early Christmas present of a basement screening room, here's how to get started.

Find The Perfect TV And Audio System

The main focus of your screening room project will need to be the TV for screening and the audio system that you install to make your loved one feel as if they are sitting on the sidelines at the game rather than in the basement at home. This means that you will want a TV with the highest definition possible, like an Ultra-HD TV.

The larger the screen you can get, the more exhilarating the experience will be. New televisions today have an amazing picture quality and higher definition than ever before. However, the sound capacity of these televisions is still limited because of the size of the built-in speakers.

When you get the new TV, you should also purchase a soundbar or surround sound system. In order to ensure that you get the best possible sound quality from the equipment you purchase, you will want to have audio equipment installers come in and strategically place your soundbar or surround sound system in your screening room. The wrong placement could make the sound distorted or unrealistic.

Decorate In Team Gear

Of course, no basketball screening room would be complete without the right decorating scheme. If you spent most of your project budget on the television and audio system, you may wonder how you can decorate your screening room appropriately. However, all you need is to get some painting supplies and some paint in the colors of your loved one's favorite team.

Paint two walls in each color for balance. If you are artistic or ambitious, you can also paint the team logo and name on the walls as well. To put the finishing touches on the room, head to the toy department of a local store and buy a few inexpensive children's basketball hoops that stick to the wall and the foam balls that go with them. Your loved one can shoot hoops during commercial breaks or along with their team as they watch them on the big screen.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to create the perfect basement screening room for the basketball fan in your life, you can get started on your project and surprise your loved one right when basketball season gets in full swing.   

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