How To Install An Antenna To Receive Local TV Channels

Many TV viewers are located in areas with access to TV signals broadcast through the air. To receive those channels, TV owners can install an antenna specifically designed to receive local TV broadcasts.

Although most viewers already have other sources of TV channels, unique local programs are usually available with an antenna. The additional digital signals can be switched on or off whenever desired. Perhaps the most attractive feature of receiving TV signals over the air is that the channels are free.

The Federal Communications Commission provides a useful lookup tool at its website so that you can locate available channels in your area. Simply enter your zip code in the search box to receive a list of TV stations in your area. The stations are sorted according to the strength of the signal reaching your area. Signal strength determines the type of antenna needed for your particular location.

Indoor antenna

TV antennas are available in a variety of configurations. If you have access to strong TV signals, you may be able to receive channels with a relatively small antenna. A small antenna could be hidden behind your TV or placed behind a piece of furniture. For viewers in areas that receive weaker signals, a larger antenna is necessary.

Outside antenna

A larger antenna may be installed outside. There are several options for mounting an outside antenna. A traditional installation method is to attach the antenna near the top of an antenna mast pole. The mast pole is braced to the side of your residence. A higher antenna receives signals more effectively, so if possible, you might consider a chimney installation.

Specialized chimney straps are available that wrap around the chimney to provide support for an antenna. TV antennas are typically constructed of aluminum and are lightweight. Once your antenna is securely installed, you are ready to set up your local channels.

Digital tuner setup

Most TVs manufactured in recent years contain a digital tuner. After selecting the antenna as the input source, select the option to scan for channels. After a scan of available signals, the tuner automatically stores them into memory. The channels are then ready to watch at any time.

A small amplifier may be added to boost the strength of TV signals. Additional options are available to customize each installation. Contact a specialist in audio and video for more information about accessing local TV channels with an antenna.

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